How to Download Vimeo Private Videos? Three Effective Methods!

What Is Vimeo?

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos?

Vimeo is a video-centric social networking site that has amassed more than 200 million users since its creation in 2004.

Vimeo offers hosting services for video creators and allows authors to earn money from their videos. In addition, Vimeo can be embedded into personal websites to enrich the page design.

Vimeo does not reject commercial videos but does not support marketing videos, gaming videos, or pornographic content, or uploads any unoriginal content.

The following are the features of Vimeo:

  • Supports up to 4K Ultra HD high-quality streaming
  • Upload videos to Vimeo from computers, mobile devices, and cloud space
  • Upload up to 8K 360° video
  • No ads Authors can set viewing, download, and pay permissions.
  • Video hosting service

Are You Trying to Download A Private Video from Vimeo?

A slight difference from the YouTube platform is that Vimeo is more about content, creative design videos, and the absence of ads, with some videos requiring payment to watch. This means that the Vimeo platform is a higher bar and has a greater need for artistic videos.

Anyone who has used Vimeo can easily notice that many interesting videos do not have a "Download" button at the bottom, which means that they are private videos because the author has given the video to Vimeo to host and set its permissions to "not downloadable ".

So, how to download a Vimeo video? Are you looking for solutions to these problems when we want to watch Vimeo videos to pass the time in any environment without the internet? Vimeomate will provide you with three viable and safe downloading tips.

Three Effective Methods to Download Vimeo Private Videos

Method 1: Use the online converter to download private videos without a download button on Vimeo

When you find a video you like very much when browsing Vimeo and want to save it for offline viewing, use the vimeomate online converter to save it to the folder of your computer, mobile phone or even tablet.

1. You need to use your browser to enter the website of vimeomate before you can go here. If you use it for a long time, you can add its page to your browser's favorites.

Download Vimeo Private Videos with Vimeomate
Download Vimeo Private Videos with Vimeomate

2. Open Vimeo and copy the link of the Vimeo video you want to save.

copy the link of the Vimeo video you want to save.

3. Return to vimeomate, click "paste" on the right side of the input box, and then click "download" on the right side.

Vimeomate downloads private Videos Online
Vimeomate Online Downloader downloads private Videos.

4.You can find the downloaded Vimeo private video in the browser folder.

Method 2: Use browser extension to download Vimeo videos embedded in the website.

Once you've searched for other Vimeo video download methods, you'll realize that this method is the least laborious and fastest solution.

First, you can search for the keyword: "Vimeo downloader" in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, or go to the Extension page on the Vimeomate website. You will get a lot of results, and you can notice that extension called Simple Downloader for Vimeo™ or Simple Vimeo Downloader, let's choose it.

Simple Downloader for Vimeo™ in Google Chrome
Simple Downloader for Vimeo™ in Google Chrome
Simple Vimeo Downloader in Microsoft
Simple Vimeo Downloader in Microsoft

3 Steps to Save Embeded Vimeo Video with "Simple Vimeo Downloader"

Step 1: Install "Simple Vimeo Downloader" in your browser.
Step 2: Open a website with embedded Vimeo video and find the Vimeo video you want to download.
Step 3: Play the video and inject the extension into the video by clicking on the browser button.
Use the "Simple Vimeo Downloader" to download embeded vimeo video.
Step 4: You have successfully embedded "Simple Vimeo Downloader" into your Vimeo private videos, please select any quality and download it.

Done! We easily Use simple Vimeo downloader to download private videos embedded in the website,in just four simple steps with guaranteed picture quality.

Download More High Quality Vimeo Videos

Get Started

Method 3: Using the browser developer tool makes it safer to download Vimeo videos.

1.Play a private Vimeo video, right-click in the margin of the page, find "Inspect" and click on it;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

2.Click on the arrow at the top left of the development code page;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

3. Move the mouse to a location that can contain the entire video, and the code for the video will be automatically located on the right side;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

4. Look for the paragraph with "div id" and "data-config-url" and copy the link;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

5. Paste the link into a new web page and you will get a large string of characters that you cannot read, copy it all down;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

6. Open the JSON viewer website, paste the URL here, and click on "Format" at the top;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

7. You will find that all the code is starting to get organized, press "control + F" or "command + F" for a quick keyword search, please search for "progressive" ;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

8. At this point, you are positioned at a link to a video with different picture quality, slide down until you see "1080p" and copy the link to that area;

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

9.Re-open a web page, paste the link, you will find the video appears, click on the bottom right corner, click on "Download";

How to Download Vimeo Private Videos

10. Finally! You made it.

If you think using tools to download Vimeo private videos will affect your privacy and security. If you want to use the safest way to download them, you can spend a few minutes using the developer tools included in the web page to obtain video data.


There are many ways to download Vimeo videos for free, but please keep in mind that please do not reproduce, distribute or commercialize downloaded videos without the author's permission and that all videos downloaded by unofficial means are for offline viewing only.